Carmelita Villanueva

President of the Philippine-Thai Cultural Organization and Rizal resident

I have been living in Rockwell since 2004 after I retired from UNESCO Regional Office for Education in Asia and the Pacific, which is based in Bangkok and where I worked and lived for 25 years. Rockwell offers a certain sense of community and belongingness that makes one feel there is a family here, especially if you are living alone. I have befriended the Rockwell Club staff, my Administration Unit staff at Rizal Tower, the guards and the janitors. I have also found friends in other towers - Ever caring friends who you can run to for great company and fun.

Ricky and Beth Gomez

One Rockwell residents

Residing in Rockwell is suitable to our lifestyle. We love the convenience and accessibility to practically everything - A supermarket, specialty shops & dining places, salons, proximity to school & work, recreation facilities and most especially, daily mass at the Power Plant Mall or the Ateneo chapel. Also, we have peace of mind and feel secure at Rockwell, especially when we are out of town or on holidays abroad. Moreover, our married children live nearby and are able to bring our grandchildren to visit us at least a couple of days a week. We are also quite happy with the service and attentiveness of Rockwell Property Management Offices, security and cleaning & maintenance staff.

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